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Manufacturer Articles
Size And Fit Problem With Readymade Garment

Fitting is one of the important criteria for consumers in their buying decision. Every garment manufacturer have target segment with certain demographic characteristics, defining consumer profile. For getting the best fit and size dimensions, manufacturer spends big chunks of money. Best range of sizing can be a key success factor for manufacturers. To implement this many companies are using advanced technologies and strategies to device sizing systems and sizing categories.

Following are the issues central to the sizing problem: Collecting data on age, body structure and ethnicity: Data can be colleted by sample survey method that can represent the population as a whole. Selection of sample is very crucial as these are bases to arrive at conclusions. Various statistical tools can help in [...]

Vitamin Manufacturing

As with manufacturing of supplements and nutraceuticals, vitamin manufacturing is quite complicated and can only be done properly by those with years of experience and top-quality machinery. The integrity of the final products depends entirely on the vitamin manufacturing process, from the raw materials used to the machines to the flavorings in the liquids, as well as the experience and skill of the technicians performing and overseeing the vitamin manufacturing process.

To ensure the vitamin manufacturing process results in high-quality vitamins, it is necessary to use the best ingredients, as well as finely made and maintained machines. However, the price of raw materials to the distributor is heavily affected not only by the quality they choose to use, but also by the relationship of the manufacturer to the [...]

Strategies, Ideas, Solutions & Tips of Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a branch of industry which accounts for about one-quarter of the world's economic activity. It is the application of tools and a processing medium to the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for sale.

Manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of a product's components. Some industries, such as semiconductor and steel manufacturers use the term fabrication instead.

The geographical concentration of the manufacturing industry is changing. The industrial capacity of many of [...]

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